The search continues

With so many children and families still in need of help, our search continues for those we can help most. 2017 will see another record year of children visiting us for "a month of love" in the summer.
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Hosting: Our story

For a few local people, hosting a child from Belarus each year has made them part of the FOCC community, bringing with it a sense of improving the future for both the child and their family. Read one host family's experiences by clicking here



Can you help like this?

A group of young people from Arthur Mellows Village College raised over £1,200 through non-uniform days, baking events and contributions made on "no electronic equipment" days.

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Our mission...

To relieve the suffering of children affected by the radiation explosion from the nuclear plant at Chernobyl.

To also provide family placements for children/orphans from the Mogilev region for at least one month each year and to meet the full costs of these visits, which includes optical, dental and health checks as well as lots of tender loving care.


Please help us bring our mission to life.                                  Registered charity number 1122824

                                                                      Affiliated to the Friends of Chernobyl's Children G.B

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Friends of Chernobyl's Children - Helpston District. Registered no 1122824