Have you thought about helping us like this...



Marathon runs, sponsored swims, even head-shaving!. Please get involved.



Do you have transport that we could use for the children's day trips?



Can you spare a day of your time to drive the minibus or your own car as transport?



We collect good quality children's clothes throughout the year.

There's no denying that like all charities, we have to work incredibly hard to raise the necessary funding for all of our activities. It's not only getting the children to the UK for their annual visit that drains our resources. Ongoing support for them and their families during the year including food parcels, warm clothes and other special needs all take valuable funds.


Financial support for the FOCC Helpston charity can be made in many different ways. Everyone gives their time and talents free of charge. The charity has only one employee - everything else is done by volunteers - so every donation is used to ensure that the maximum help is provided for our children and their families. Every donation is precious to us, but here are some ideas for regular schemes...

£1 per week provides a winter basket of essential food stuffs

£5 per month gives six siblings life-enhancing vitamins for a whole year

£10 per week gives one child the opportunity to have four weeks respite in the UK

For more details visit our sponsorship page.


...or one-off donations, such as

£20 buys seeds for a family to grow vegetables to store for the harsh winter months


To make a donation please click here


It's not just about the money

Support comes in many different forms. It may be that you can offer products used by the charity, or provide a leisure opportunity for the children during their stay at discounted rates. You may even be interested to be a host family and welcome a child into your home each year.


There are lots of opportunities for you or the company that you work for to help us with our work and we've listed just a few opposite. If you're keen to get involved we're sure we can find a way to make it happen!


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