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Each year the FOCC charity visits dozens of families in Belarus in order to decide where its help and support is best directed.


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Innocent bystanders

Through direct exposure from the atmosphere and indirect exposure through the food chain, children in the Chernobyl area received a dose of radiation 40 times above the permissible levels. The number of incidences of thyroid cancer is up by 3,000% and it is estimated that over the next 15-20 years over 40,000 children in Belarus will contract the disease.


In Belarus cancer of the thyroid is so prevalent that the scar left after a thyroid operation is now chillingly referred to as a Belarusian Necklace, thus marking them forever as Chernobyl's victims. A tragedy of someone else's making.


Since the disaster there has also been an increase of 800% in the incidence of cancers in children living near to the reactor plus there has been a dramatic increase in the rate of babies born with substantial physical disabilities. Babies born limbless, deformed and with severe brain damage.


There are so many other radiation related health crises occurring in the region that for the first time in Belarusian history, the death rate is HIGHER, than the birth rate.

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